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AUDIENCE Needed for DC Loop Show

One more pitch for the show this weekend. We've heard much discussion of
show's and lack of audience this week , so let's all you locals support the
DC Loop Show On Saturday April 18th. Another incentive. IF this is
successful we'll be able to stage more show's at Joe's Movement Emporium, a
very adventurous dance studio that puts on some amazing shows.

So support the art's, support one another.

>For more details see: www.fingerpaint.net/loop.html
>Mt. Ranier, MD - Joe's Movement Emporium will be hosting the DC Version of
>the Mid-Atlantic Loop Show. Looped music is the inclusion of
>electronically-assisted repetition of audio material. The music is often
>experimental in nature and encompasses a wide range of compositional and
>performance styles.
>      The performance will take place at Joe's Movement Emporium, 3802 
>St., Mt. Rainier, MD 20712, on Saturday April 18th at 8pm.
>Following in the tradition of tape loop systems pioneered by Robert Fripp
>and Brian Eno, these three groups of artists are exploring and pushing the
>boundaries of loop based music. Each group uses long digital delays in
>different fashions and with different instrumentation to produce a 
>musical soundscape.
>Paul Mimlitsch form Vincentown, NJ, uses the Chapman Stick to produce 
>of beautiful washes of sound upon which he and percussionist Jody Janetta
>overly rhythms and solos.
>Fingerpaint consists of Steev Geest and Patrick Smith, from Takoma Park,
>MD. They drive various analog and digital synths from their guitars. Their
>improvisatory soundscapes have been described as "sinister and alien"
>(Philadelphia City Paper)
>Siobahn Canty and... uses looped voice in a somewhat more traditional
>line-up of Drumstick, bass, and sax. Siobahn's ethereal vocal loops are
>complimented by the group. A great opportunity to see Eric "Doc" Smith's
>Drumstick in action. This is an instrument he designed to trigger
>percussion samples and melodies.
>Please forward as you see appropriate.

 ***  ***    ** Fingerpaint http://www.his.com/~patrick/FNGP.html  ***  **