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SV: Rebirth of cool?

>This has nothing to do with anything, but I was checking out a band the 
>day, and I had to sit through this excruciatingly bad eighties style band 
>turns out to be led by one of the guys from A-ha.  He did a tapped solo, 
>to round out the time warp.  I laughed, I cried...  I mostly laughed, 

hi trevor..........when u say A-ha , do you mean the Norwegian eighties 
pop group
who had that "take on me" hit????     The guitarist from that trio is now 
head of a
band called Savoy. They do sad popgrunge stuff............The Keyboardist 
from A-ha
is now a painter     :-)    The vocalist has a nice solocareer going here 
in norway.

And there is that crazy free jazz band here in norway that contained some 
of the best
Jazzmusicians Norway has to offer , who was also called A-ha.     So , 
wich one is it , Trevor??

:-)     Thomas