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Re: Re: SV: Garbarek album (from 1984)

hmm, and yet it hasn't got much to do with the topic here, eh? Let's see if
we can veer this back towards looping....gather 'round boys and girls....

Once upon a time there was a NAMM show where I had to work the whole damn
show in the Oberheim booth. I even wore a suit and tie, making me an
honest-to-god Suit for four days. I was demoing echoplexes with a VERY
heavy les paul, and occasionally twiddling knobs on an OBMx or pulling
drawbars on the OB3.

Amidst the parade of demo seeking has-beens and never-wases, along comes
Allan Holdsworth. He was mostly interested in the OBMx, but someone had
convinced him to check out the echoplex as well. So I demonstrated the
echoplex and looping to Allan Holdsworth.

His reaction?

zip. disinterest. He fiddled with the OBMx knobs for a bit and took off. I
had a couple of country singers express more interest than he did. (they
were much more attractive, too...)

So as far as I can tell, that's about all there is to say about Holdsworth
and looping!

Now as far as looping guitarist sightings go, I hear that Warren Haynes of
the Allman Brothers is becoming an echoplex user/endorser. I can only
imagine what that means.....


>Because he's so incredibly fast and beautiful in his soloing AND his 
>playing. He's so good it make me wanna jump and give him a big ol' HELL
>Jeff Collins
>And That's the Bottom line.
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>Date: Thursday, April 16, 1998 11:00 PM
>Subject: Re: Re: SV: Garbarek album (from 1984)
>>So why is the Holdsworth "video" scary?  Besides the four fingered 
>>the LoOpdOctOrs

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