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Re: Country Loops

>Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 10:57:42 -0700
>To: Lwordsman@Pirnie.com
>From: Joe Cavaleri <cavaleri@simi-valley.ate.slb.com>
>Subject: Re: Country Loops
>At 10:28 AM 4/17/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>Kim Flint wrote:
>>> Now as far as looping guitarist sightings go, I hear that Warren 
>Haynes of
>>> the Allman Brothers is becoming an echoplex user/endorser. I can only
>>> imagine what that means.....
>>You mean former guitarist for the Allman Brothers.  Warren Haynes is
>>pursuing a solo career as the front man for his band "Gov't Mule".
>               It's interesting that you bring this item up..
>       Just a few weeks ago Gov't Mule had a gig at the House of Blues 
>that a
supplier (Business!) of mine attended. Over the last few months I've been
talkin' music from time to time with said new friend, and have tried to
give him some sort background introduction about looping. He called a few
days after the show and told me at the opening act for Gov't Mule was a 
>loopster.. someone named Jim Reynolds ??. Since I had been speaking to him
about looping he sort of understood what was going on. But what was
interesting was his explanation of the other people sitting with him..
>The impression I got from this was that the other people just could not
relate to what was happening.. that this was not music. He found himself in
the position of attempting to explain to the other people what was going 
>     I guess that when he finished his first song the response was
silence.... Anyway, as it turned out this guitar player ended up jamming
with Gov't Mule latter that night playing blues based stuff ect.. at this
time the other people at the table commented that " Oh.. this guy actuality
can play guitar.."   
>       If anybody knows who Jim Reynolds is, it might be interesting to 
>hear of
his experiences of looping in the "real world"
>                       joe