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SV: holdsworthian delaze

>There were eight (count 'em!) delays, running in parallel, fed through a
>stereo mixer. 

I dont mean to flog a dead(and off topic) horse , but I do have ONE final 
and LAST
question on this:     How did he spilt his guitarsignal into 8 separate 
lines ,to feed the
delays??   Isnt there some sort of problem with that sort of split??  (i 
think I read somewhere
that its called "loading"  or something.......)

There you have it , the last inquiry in my 
"holdsworthian-guitar-inquisition".......Now if you`ll
exuse me I`ll go off to learn how to play the darn thing.........

Thomas W   (in Norwegian that roughly means  "He Who Askes Off Topic