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Re: Re[2]: SV: holdsworthian delaze

>Paolo wrote...
>There are signal splitters out there that will buffer the signal so that
>the original signal level is maintained.   I can't list specific products
>due to memory failure, but, yes, you can split the signal into many lines
>provided you have the right equipment.
>     Hi all... I use a Rane SM26 which is a 6 channel Splitter / Mixer 
>     depending on how you patch it. It was used in a lot of Bradshaw rack 
>     systems for just that purpose. It can also send - return (using two 
>     channels). It's great for getting gains balanced as well.

I bought one for that, and found that it didn't provide independent 
buffering--if you were feeding three units in parallel, the volume 
controls were interactive.

Travis Hartnett