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Carvin Guitars

Michael wrote:

>>i shiver at the thought! i am
>>hot for a carvin ae 185. this is an acoustic-electric, has 2 lines out,
>>acoustic the other elec. this alone makes my mind spin. i have never seen
>>nor played a carvin in real life or in any life for that matter. i think
there are
>>one or two guitarist in this group so  maybe you all could direct me in 

I have a Carvin DC127T that I bought in 1995.  It is almost as good as a
Paul Reed Smith Custom, but at a 1/3 of the price.

My Carvin has a maple neck, ebony fingerboard, alder body, two humbuckers
with coil tap switches, locking tuning machines and a non-locking Wilkinson
whammy bar.

It is, far and away, my favorite guitar for looping because:

- it's extremely easy to play
- it has a "springy" acoustic quality--even with heavily distorted amp and
fuzztone settings
- it's lightweight and very comfortable to hold
- it has a wide tonal palatte because of its coil tap switches
- it stays in tune
- it sustains

I read Carvin catalogs for 25 years before I finally took the plunge and
bought the DC127T.  It was worth every cent.

Mark Kata