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Current Listening, once againnnnn...

Dave Trenkel wrote...
So, I'm currently listening to what has to be the sickest loop CD I've
heard in ages: Tony Conrad's Early Minimalism. 4 discs of overdubbed,
looped, atonal violin drones. the piece "Four Violins" was recorded in
1964, and it's 32 minutes of multitracked overdriven harmonics, sharp
enough to peel paint at moderate volume. Fantastic stuff!

MB: Wow Dave. Pretty tricky of you to take this in another direction. Do 
have kids? Can you say redirect?

I forget who mentioned it but the Czukay/Walker disc "Clash" is pretty 
cool. Not
my usual listening, but disc 2 is really interesting. Are there any 
types doing this sort of thing? In dance clubs? Any suggestions would be 

I also have been listening to the Nels Cline Trio, "Ground" and that's a 
blend of straight ahead free jazz, with a heavy dose of Sonic Youth style 
injection. Nels and Thurston Moore also have a disc out called "The Pillow 
which is also interesting for aggressive ambience types.

I listen to Terje Rypdal "EOS" (duo with cellist David Darling) at least 
times a week...