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hello all,

    Thought I might return to subject at hand (loops) by letting you all
in on what I'm up to here in Detroit (ish)...

    I've been working on an Improv. project that pretty much has no
bounds...   Myself and generally  three others from this area have been
jamming in Ann Arbor for a little under two years.  We've been working
on three things, live mix to two-track, live mix to p.a. and integrating
all of our equipment without overloading our minds( or anymore channels
on the board).

Anyway, We use Jammen, echopli ( I love it), Digitech time machine's
etc.  for looping...  We cover pretty much all genre's from ambient
synth textures to blues based jam's to reggae-dub funk...  and anything
above beyond and between.

what I'm truly hoping to find within this list are the experiences of
others who have tried to bring this kind of music to public venues
before me...  I'm interested in how an audience will react to a three
hour set, all improvised, during which the sound never stops, and ideas
are allowed to fully evolve....

I can't seem to get these words out tonight...
any responses are welcome...
only have tapes via mail for reference but what the heck it worked fine
till a few years ago