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Thomas wrote:
>[snip] the sustained sound was very low volumed.
Fernandes guitars with sustainer have a separate knob to adjust the balance
between the direct and the sustained sound volume. It's the outer knob on
the body (the one with the mid-position click). The two switches are used 
switch the sustainer on/off (the two positions switch) and to select 
fundamental only/fundamental+harmonic/harmonic only sustain (the three
position switch). The Fernandes sustainer, the Sustainiac from Maniac Music
and the new E-bow all allow for sustain on the fundamental note or on its
3rd/5th harmonic (somehow also on the octave).

>1. does the guitar work as its advertised to?  (infinite sustain)
Yes, definitely - I have one. At least as long as the battery lasts!

>2. is it just me?
Naaaah! What about the battery? It could have been a little down...

The Looping Uncle 8^)#