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Re[2]:FF pedals!! (was: splitters)

> Just a word to keep this on topic . I use my Fuzz Factory on just about
>everything (not just gtr) Sounds great on drum loops esp. I also use it as
>a oscillator feeding it back into itself with the switchblade & into a
>loop unbeliveable noise posibitities . Juding by the nature of this box I
>suspect mine sounds different than yours. MR Vex told me last year of a 20
>sec analog loop he was going to be releasing -intriging eh ?    K LAW

    Michael P. wrote...
>     >On the subject of pedaqls, does anyone find that FX pedals can just
>     >become a gimmick, and that the audience tire of hearing "there's 
>     >Ring Modulator again" on, say, a 2-hour Ambient looping set?
>     >Michael
>     I've got hours of jam tapes from "The Lunar Asylum" (what we are when
>     we get together.) And I find that, sure, there are often times
>     redundant useages of various pet effects and tones, which tend to be
>     the favorite of the month. But we're all attracted to these sounds 
>     *some* reason. So we use them and find their context and/or move on.
>     That said, I find that what started out as an alienating sound, can
>     sometimes become understood in a different context and become a very
>     useful and workable sound. I've also been amused at other ensemble's
>     reactions to my use of those tones which I've grown comfortable with.
>     Ultimately you have to choose something that works with the ensemble
>     and material you're performing.
>     Michael P. said...
>     >>> Z-VEX , is that the company with the "crackle okay" pedal??? That
>     >>>sounds like a great idea , have you tried it??
>     I said...
>     >> That IS the crackle ok pedal!
>     >No, the Crackle Okay control if on the tastefully named "Super
>     Hard-On" pedal.
>     MB: I went home last night thinking Fuzz Factory... Crackle OK,
>     Crackle OK. Mostly due to listening to it rather that looking at the
>     darn knobs and their titles.  8->
>     Well I started playing and looking at the knobs on my FF and THERE IS
>     NO 'CRACKLE OK' knob. Oops! It's personality is pretty Crackle OK
>     though. Here's the knob line up from right to left, which roughly
>     follows the signal path I believe. This review is based on my highly
>     subjective experience of last night's playing.
>     STAB: Stability... Sort of a flabbiness / spikiness knob
>     DRIVE: With compression down this *sort of* works like a normal fuzz
>     drive knob. Sort of meaning that at around 4 O'clock it goes from a
>     grainy toothy sounding fuzz, (It's dominant characteristic) to much
>     fatter sound. (At this point the Gate setting has to be increased for
>     silence between notes.)
>     COMP: Compression. Seems to be second most straightforward knob on 
>     box. Still experimenting. (Cranking knobs in the dark.)
>     GATE: Gating feature which is highly mandatory for any semblance of
>     silence between notes. (Threshold position varies depending on drive,
>     comp and stab settings.) The other *sound* after muting a note with
>     gate turned down is oscillation of some sort which IS tunable. You 
>     control the actual note with the Stab and Drive controls before you
>     open the Gate and begin oscillating... then you can jack up the Stab
>     and Drive and make it sound like radio static. Oh Boy... (I will use
>     this. How much remains to be seen.)
>     VOLUME: Ouput level. Wow this one is simple.
>     Notes: All controls seem *very* reactive to one another. Possibly
>     excepting the Volume knob, although the jury isn't in on that one.
>     There is NO tone control knob. You have to either love this pedal or
>     hate it on it's own terms.
>     When A/B'ed with the PE Experience the Fuzz Factory seems to be
>     lacking severly in bottom end. That was my initial impression of the
>     pedal as well, but like I said in an earlier post... Each time I've
>     used it, it has been a very different experience. This a fun part of
>     using the fuzz factory as long as you're not looking for cover song
>     accuracy! I have no such needs, so I'm still waiting to become a true
>     believer. 8->
>     I've used it on separate 5 evenings and the impression is: Twice I've
>     felt that this baby was fat and singing in it's own quirky way. The
>     other times I've been a little too far into the insect buzz zone,
>     which the Experience does quite well with the Swell button (which you
>     can turn off! ;-)) In all fairness, the output level of the pedal 
>     my Pearce amp affects the overall fatness quite a lot as well, so
>     there's more to tweak than just the fuzz. Last night was pretty good.
>     Anyway this is probably off topic for the list, but I know most of us
>     are knob twisters, and these are GOOD knobs to twist!
>     Cheers,
>     -Miko