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drum machines and looping

Thinking about bringing the old HR-16 out of retirement.  Now, I could be 
here but:

1)   I am under the impression that one can, with a JamMan, have the old 
drive the midi time to the drum machine

2)  I am also under the impression that one can have the looper slave to 
drum machine and have the loop lengths determined by the length of the drum
loop, but:

        a) the JamMan will occassionally pop because the audio loop is not
sample accurate             in relation to the HR16.

        b)  Odd time signatures are a problem.

Now, I like the idea of having the tempo of the hr-16 vary slightly (by 
the time with tapping the JM).  It would seem that option #1 would be the 
way to

Now the question is-  am I deluded?  Will this work?  and more 
importantly- has
anyone here done this (considering the midi prowess of those on the list 
here, I
would think that (if this is possible) many of you guys have.  Does anyone 
out there still use the HR-16 at all, or in this type of rig in particular?


PS: Kim Flint (a rock and roll name if there ever was one) is the cat's