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Hello and Help

Hello, All!

I'm a new subscriber though a long-term looper.  I live in Lafayette, 
Indiana and am 
primarily a percussionist (strictly acoustic instruments) although I play 
a few 
non-percussion instruments as well.

I recently acquired a second Oberheim 'Plex with several goals in mind:

  1) stereo looping
  2) simultaneous unsynchronized loops
  3) synchronized loops

I'm having problems with number three.  I've read through the information 
Looper's Delight regarding synchronizing.  I have the two loopers 
connected with a 
midi cable, one is set to SYNC out, 1/8s per beat to 1; the other is set 
to SYNC in, 
1/8s per beat to 8 (though I've tried all the values).  The two loopers 
synchronize how I imagine they would, i.e., they mostly do what I want.  
sometimes they don't.  For example, after building up a pattern in the 
master looper 
(via, record, overdub, multiply, nextloop-multiply, etc.) I want to record 
my first 
pattern into the slave.  I want an integral number of the slave loops to 
fit into 
the master loop.  Diagramatically, 

master loop: begin |---------------------------------------| end

slave loop:  begin |---------| end

so that, as they play together:

master loop:       |---------------------------------------|

slave loop:        |---------|---------|---------|---------|

and we all make beautiful music together... :)

If I perform only simple operations on the master, this seems to work.  
When I build 
up a loop in a more complicated fashion, I can't get the units to 
HELP!  I can't find enough details to figure out what is going on.

- Dennis Leas