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Re: Celestial Goings On

On 4/24/98 the esteemed Paul Mimlitsch wrote:

> Sat. April 25th. 8:00 pm - 10:00pm at the Celestial Cafe, Taunton Forge
> Center, Medford, N.J. (609) 596-7098.  "Explorations in Time and 
> evening of Soundscapes and Improvisations w/Paul Mimlitsch (Chapman
> StickĘ/Loops) and Jody Janetta ("Painterly" Percussion). Thanks. - Paul

I would urge everyone with a reasonable drive to attend this gig. They were
wonderful in the DC LOOP SHOW last weekend. Paul's ethereal meditative
loops and Jody's almost melodic percussion accompaniment were a treat. What
a duo. Jody uses a mic to delay his percussion.

Stop what your doing and get over to the Celestial Cafe.


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