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Re: RE: pedals!! (was: splitters)

hey, Stig-just saw yer mail to loopers delight & if youre still lookin for
info on old EH dinos, i can tell you anything U wanna know about the Super
Replay (only2nd coolest next to the 16 sec). I bought mine new (!) in 
about 84
& it's a 4 second  looping beast from hell!!  very very cool & has a 
unintentional) feature that randomizes the point at which overdubs start 
of the existing loop- find one if you can. it also has CV & gate inputs so 
can trigger & pitch shift loops using an old CV/ gate synth. I use a
sequential pro one. got more info if U want-I have most of EH's boxes, cept
the real rare ones>>>>>>>>>>greg