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Gear and music

if i approach music as, and i hope you all pardon the word,a guitarist, i
often find my gear gets in the way of my playing.  many nites spent 
sounds and delay times and very little (real) playing. but as i go along i 
the feeling that my real love in music is the actual manipulation of raw
sound, be it a guitar or synth signal or my rambelings into a mic or 
sounds. i find looping an excellent way to meld these two aspects together.
being a "rang" user, i do not understand 90% what you jammie-plexie guys 
talking about, never having been exposed to these wonderous (deep) boxes.
still i will lurk and read your posts and hope that in the future the 
light of
understanding will shine down on me. so loop on and blaze a path to new and
more wonderous boxes that will aid in our never ending quest for 
hope you don't mind if i share the ride..................michael