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SV: Samplers 101

Hi Doug , thanks for the insights!!  I`m getting closer now :-)  As always 
, when I learn something I`m filled with new questions..........here they 
>- record audio from an analog or digital in, transfer samples over SCSI or
>MIDI to a computer, save/load the sounds on a SCSI drive (or CD-ROM).
  SCSI??  is that an interface??  I have a iomega zip drive , does that 
fall under the SCSI

>- given a raw recording (sample), specify where to start playing, where to
>stop, where to begin and end looping (if at all, forward/backwards/both).

If the sample is 30 secs long , can I tell the sampler to loop from , say, 
the  5th second to the

>- truncate (like cropping in a graphics program, getting rid of the
>portions of the sample that you're not using), normalize (make the signal
>as loud as it can be without clipping), compress, equalize, mix audio, etc
>etc etc.
 Can all this be done without a screen/monitor???  I`ve seen pictures of 
some Akai samplers
and there didnt seem to be any monitor on that.......

>- combine multiple samples by layering them or spreading them across the
>keyboard, dealing with how their pitches relate to the keys struck
>- VCF, VCA, LFO and performance control over them, just like a synth
I dont know these terms , if its not too much info I`d like to learn what 
they mean.

I have seen a used Akai s 950 , s 900 and s 1000 samplers.  Are they any 
Im thinking of making some mainstream Trip hop techno  stuff.......kinda 
like Prodigy , 
only with guitars in there too.......  Can I do something in that 
direction with one of these
samplers  ???

Thanks for everything , you saved my day!

Yours , Thomas