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Re: SV: Samplers 101

At 0:14 +0200 4/28/98, Woehni wrote:
>    Have you heard about something called   SampleCell???   I believe its
>a comp. sampler??

SampleCell is a NuBus card (I *think* there's a PCI version???) by
Digidesign.  It's basically a full-blown, pro sampler on your Mac, with the
benefit of being able to store all your audio files on the computer -- no
need for  dedicated storage peripherals for the computer.

Supposedly the user interface is pretty nice.  Some people have had to go
to some lengths to avoid computer interference in their audio, but maybe
that was solved.

The only big drawback is that you can't take it to a gig without bringing
your computer.


 Doug Wyatt                             doug@sonosphere.com
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