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Re: SV: Samplers 101

At 10:08 PM 4/27/98 EDT, Crossedout wrote:

>Does anybody have any particular opinions on the MPC 2000? I really love 
>and find it extremely easy to use, but I've heard non-specific negative
>rumblings from others about them. (on the order of "oh, you went with the
>Akai? that's too bad", without going into any reasons). 

I think it depends on who you talk to and how they approach using samplers.
The MPC is really oriented towards a standalone, real-time, live sort of
approach, with a great built-in sequencer and lots of pads, buttons, and
knobs for real-time use. People who work that way seem to like it a lot.
(hip-hop producers, for instance). Compared to the drum machines that
somebody like that might normally use, the MPC is killer. The grumbling
comes from the more studio oriented types who naturally compare it to a
traditional sampler. People who care about the # of voices, sample editing
features, filters and effects, etc., tend to put down the MPC, because it 
fairly limited in those areas. I think that's kinda dumb, because it 
try to compete with those devices.

for people here, mostly being into a more real-time, live approach, the
MPC2000 would seem like a great complement to some of the typical audio
loopers. I think it can let you take a much more improvised approach to
sequenced tracks. I've seriously considered getting one for those reasons,
to take the place of drum machines I've used in the past. The standalone
part would be nice too, since my home-office needs and my home-studio needs
have diverged greatly, and having one computer for both is now impossible. 
standalone sampler/sequencer device would allow me to put off the 
possibility of buying yet another computer. 

I've heard a number of people say that the MPC2000 is vastly improved by
adding the multiple ouputs board and the effects board. Of course, once you
do that it costs as much as the more expensive samplers.

nice to hear another vote of confidence in it, I haven't decided what I 
to do, and had been somewhat influenced away from it. Now I'm drifting 

Kim Flint                       408-752-9284
Mpact Systems Engineering       kflint@chromatic.com
Chromatic Research              http://www.chromatic.com