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Re: multiple echoplex syncing (was: Hello and Help)

slow as ever:

At 10:37 AM -0500 4/28/98, Dennis W. Leas wrote:
>1) I have quantize on.  But on both my units the parameter
>(SwitchQuant, right?) give me the choices of "OFF",
>"CyC", and "CnF" and the manual describes only "On" and
>"OFF". I set mine to "CyC".  Could you explain what
>"CyC" and "CnF" mean?

this one definitely has to get into the FAQ. Here's a past answer I gave
for this question:

>If you set the SwitchQuant parameter to "Confirm" (CnF) the echoplex will 
>until you tell it to jump to the loop you want. So as you tap the NextLoop
>button the display shows which loop you are setting up to jump to, but you
>still hear the current loop. When you are at the one you want, you press
>the Undo switch to confirm it, and jump right there. (you can also press
>any function switch, so that you can jump to the new loop and immediately
>start another function.) This method is very convenient from the standard
>echoplex pedal.
>If you set the SwitchQuant parameter to "Cycle" the echoplex will wait
>until the end of the current cycle (quantizing) before switching loops.
>During the wait period before the end of the cycle, each tap of the
>NextLoop button increments the loop you are jumping to. So you tap the
>button enough times for it to show the loop you want to go to, and as soon
>as the cycle ends you jump right there. Again, if you press another
>function key, the echoplex will start that function as soon as you switch.
>This method is convenient for switching anywhere with the pedal, but also
>essential when you have to keep all of your loops playing in steady time.

>2) When I have loops in both units and the slave is synched properly to
>the master, I notice unusual behavior
>from the slave when I try to do a NextLoop, Multiply sequence.  I use this
>to do a loop-copy into the next
>(empty) loop.  I hit NextLoop right after the slave loop begins (it's
>about 14 seconds long) and, rather than
>entering a "lame duck period", the slave immediately switches to the next
>loop.  If I set Sync to "Off" this
>doesn't happen, i.e., the slave enters a "lame duck period", but then the
>units aren't synched any more.

Are you sure that the slave unit didn't go into the waiting period, but for
a much shorter time than you expected? One thing I didn't mention before,
the slave will consider its cycle period to be the length defined by it's
8th/beat setting and the midi clock from the master. So if you record a
sync'd loop on the slave that's several multiples of this cycle length, the
loop time displayed on slave might fool you a bit. It will show the length
of the whole loop, but the cycle time will actually be the time defined by
8ths/beat and the midi clock. The quantized loop switch will occur at the
end of the first midi-clock defined sync point.

For example:

Master has 8ths/beat = 8
Slave has 8ths/beat = 1

You record an 8 second loop on the master.

The slave's sync LED will be flashing every 1 second.

You press Record on the slave, it waits for it's next sync point, and start

You decide to let the slave's loop be four multiples of the cycle length
defined by the midi clock. You let it keep recording up until somewhere
during the third second, and press Record. It finishes up that cycle and
ends the loop with the display showing 4.0 seconds.

Now, you might expect that SwitchQuant will use this 4 second length for
quantizing. It doesn't though. It treats this as if you had a taken a 1
second loop and multiplied it out to 4. So if you press NextLoop, it will
quantize to the next 1 second interval.

Is this what happened for you?

>3) From your explanation and my understanding, I conclude that the slave
>and master may have differing ideas
>of where things begin.  Visually, this would be shown by the StartPoint
>indicator of the slave not flashing at
>the same time that the StartPoint of the master flashes.  
>master loop:       |---------------------------------------|
>slave loop:         ------|---------|---------|---------|---
>If this is so, is there a way to "realign" the slaves synching?

Well, it's quite possible to get things out of alignment if you're not
careful. Unquantized reverses and loop retriggering can throw your sync all
outta wack.

the way I usually fix that is to retrigger the loop that is receiving sync
manually, as close to the correct start point as I can manage. (using
Mute-Undo, with quantize off is the best way for this.) The echoplex should
see the midi clock and that the sync start point is very close to it's
current loop start point. Once it detects that, it will lock things
together again.

hope this helps,


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