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Re: jamman schematic and Boomerang vs. BOSS delay?


---Kim Flint <kflint@chromatic.com> wrote:
 Which reminds me: some time back,
> Greg Hogan sent me service manuals for both
the JamMan and Vortex so that
> they can be included on the Looper's Delight
pages. I haven't had time to
> scan them or do anything about it. Do any of
you jamman/vortex users have a
> decent scanner and feel motivated about doing
this? The manuals include
> schematics, explanations of the onboard
hardware tests, bringup and repair
> guides, etc., and would probably be a nice
thing to have out in the public
> domain. Volunteers?
> kim

What the hey, I got a scanner and I gots the
time (more or less).  Ship 'em to me.


Rev. DOubt-GOat
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