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Re: Loops, jungle, Bill Nelson and the Darsan Trio

At 02:02 PM 5/4/98 -0700, Rev. Doubt-Goat wrote:

>I used an EPS sampler to loop beats lifted from Bill
>Laswell and King Crimson, slowed down about an octave.
>Now, I realize that jungle is usually sped up, so what I
>was doing was not technically jungle, but what the hell,
>close enough.

I think if you speed it up, it's jungle, and if you slow it down, it's
trip-hop. :-)

along that jungle with guitars line, I picked up the Adam F cd "colours" 
other day. (I think the cd only just became available in the US.) He used a
lot of live musicians/instruments on it, including guitars, over his usual
jungle stuff. (also bass, horns, keys, percussion...) A pretty good dnb
album actually, that a lot of people were raving about last year. One of 
tracks with lots of guitar ("dirty harry") wound up sounding more like rock
than jungle, but that's ok since it's better than most of the intentional
rock tunes I've heard lately. A good album, I recommend it. Also a good
example of ways you might merge jungle rhythms with more traditional

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