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double plex problems

Hi all

I'm using my 2 plexes in a stereo pair both slaved to a MMT8 Midi clock

MMT>>>Plex 1 in, plex 1 out>>>Plex 2 in
exactely the same settings on the 2 plexes
plex 1 2 sync in
one footswitch to plex 1
boss vol ped as feedback controler
plex 1 2 brother synced

Here are some problems I have

1- when leaving the brother sync plugged at power on, the plexes refuses
to boot

2-when leaving the brother sync plugged at power off, the current state
of the settings seems to not being saved properly (looks like Peter
harlan's problem "Subject: EDP problem solved?")

3- when you are in sync in (slaved to midi clock) and decide to stop the
seq (nomore midi clock).
Perform a record  (without resetting the loop) : the slave  sometimes
starts recording something like 0.5  sec later which creates a serious
mess. This happens also after a loop reset but lesser
also when you stop or loose midi sync the 2 plexes desyncronize very
fast specially if you perform footswitch presses
Work around: when you stop a synced use of the plex never forget to
reprogram the sync parameter to off

BTW the normal synced use of plexes works very fine the problem is when
you loose or cut the sync

4- when the feedback pedal is plugged in normaly the loop/delay gives
you 3 possibilities loop, del, out. In stereo mode the slave doesnt get
the 3; only loop and del

Wishlist if ever...the plex will get another update

assign one midi contr per function with the value beeing the  different
options, a second set of values could be long presses
a reset all edits controler would reset the plex to a known state ( to
start clean for the next tune)
protect the midi row parameters by some double button presses
a function that could cut out a new shorter cycle out of a longer loop
or cycle
this last one needs more information than I have the time for today so
I'll be back..

Bonne journˇe


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