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Re: Gone Bananas?


I had the same problem

the solution: use the phone to finish the transaction


Mattias Ribbing wrote:

> Hello,
> Does anyone here know what is going on at Bananas At Large? I was in
> contact with Rick Elswit (via his private email) a while ago. And then I
> told him I wanted to order the 'plex and since then he hasn't answered me
> (though he said earlier that they would be willing to ship me one). I 
> tried bananas@bananas.com but I get no response. Is it just me they are
> ignoring or?
> Does anyone know any other stores in the US who would be willing to ship 
> Echoplex to Europe? Addresses?
> Thanks,
> Mattias "Getting desperate for that 'plex" Ribbing (Sweden)

Please correct the reply address by deleting this "----"
Veuillez corriger mon adresse pour me répondre en effaćant ća "----"