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3rd CD Project Update

3rd CD Project Update


Been working the real job too much lately, but that appears to be letting 
some, so I am looking forward to re-engaging into the 3rd cd project again.

In short, I will be contacting the sound engineer to begin some of the mix
down.  Keep in mind that this may take a good deal of time.  As each piece
will be scrutinized for quality standards that meet the rest of the
submissions.  There is still time for you to submit material or resubmit
anything that you would like for consideration.  

If you have a WEB page and you think it will be around for awhile, please 
it to me, and we will include your own promotion via a URL link printed in 
CD jacket liner.  That way, anyone hearing the CD can go to your web page 
more information about you and your products.

We will be donating CDs to Kim's web site for the purpose of Loopers 
maintaining a presence on the WEB.  We will roughly follow the guidelines 
the 2nd project.

Thanks for all of the submissions, I am looking forward to producing a top-
notch CD and am honored to work with you.


 <A HREF="mailto:anet@aol.com  (John Peters)">John Peters</A>
 <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/anet/3rdcd.html">3rd CD Project Page</A>