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Audio triggers to MIDI info....

Hey - 

don't know who it was in the past few days was posting about converting /
controlling MIDI devices using drum pads...

Just came across some "New old stock" (new in the box, original but never
shipped [until now] to music stores) AKAI ME35T Audio to Midi converters...
they accept up to 8 trigger inputs (mics, drum pads... I think it'll take
anything with a 1/4" plug) and convert to MIDI signals. 

These things are $79.00. I picked up 2 (and I may want to sell one later) 
the store I picked them up from has 2 left. It's in Minneapolis, it's 
Music -Go-Round, and they are at (612) 822-7602. They are pretty cool about
selling over the phone. They look pretty bad-ass - I can't wait to get home
and hook them up!!! 

- Bill