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projekt2 review sat.iman huntington L.I.New York

I have seen several incarnations of fripp projects but this one takes
the cake. Musicianship and artistry in a improvised style that made me
and those I was with wish it would continue all night. What a show! What
a band! Fripp and the fernandes sustainer gtrs and tons of other stuff
sounded great. adrian on vdrums never ceased to amaze with sounds and
pure energy. But the trip of the night was watching trey gunn wrestle
with the gigantic 8string bass. Visually, a very interesting show.
sonically another revelation provided by another incarnation of KC.
Adrian and trey signed cd's and chatted politelly with the crowd after
the show. RF was no where to be found. I think he had fun though. we
sure did. One last point: the inter media arts center which was the
venue for this gig was perfect. It seemed like the balcony of an old
movie theatre customized to work as a music hall. General admission
insured the most die hard fans get the best seats. but in reality
everyone had a good seat and a good time. catch these guys if you