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Roland Chorus Echo RE-301 tape replacement, looking for...

I'm looking for a replacement tape for a Roland Chorus Echo. I have an
empty container on which is written "echo chamber tape RT-1L."

 At the top of the unit where the tape moves inside of an acrylic cover,
there is a little hinged swinging arm to the lower left.  From the
diagram on top of the acrylic cover, it looks like some kind of tape
cartridge fits there. Am I missing this too as well as some tape?

By the way, here is a performance announcement (Los Angeles) regarding
Nels Cline.

thanks anyone,

>THIS WEEK...Thursday May 14 @ 10pm (or thereabouts)
>Performing live @ SPACELAND
>[w/ Present (from Belgium) & I.B.O.P.A.]
>1717 Silverlake Blvd. in Silverlake, CA.
>Info.: 213-833-2843
>*21 & over w/ I.D.*
>Nels Cline & Devin Sarno have just released their first collaborative 12" 
>"Rise Pumpkin Rise" on Volvolo Records. (Copies will be available at the
>"Exquisitely dynamic guitar-and-bass feedback constructions."
>--LA Weekly