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Re: projekt2 review sat.iman huntington L.I.New York

I was at the Irving Plaza show on Thursday night...It was amazing as 
expected...Fripp even smiled at least a dozen times and laughed visibly 
twice...Trey Gunn was the most surprising, he was unbelievable. I was 
standing right in front of him and was in awe all night. He definately 
gave Fripp and Belew a run for their money...in fact I kinda think he 
stole the show,not to detract from Fripp and Belew of course, they were 
wonderful as expected. All in all I was most pleased..even though I drove 
up from Augusta Ga via Baltimore      ( to pick up a friend) It was 
definately worth the trip...

BTW.. Is the digest version ever gonna be operational again?