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Re: projekt2 review sat.iman huntington L.I.New York

In a message dated 98-05-12 13:35:01 EDT, you write:

 >> But there was no getting away  from the
 >> feeling that somewhere, under all the blur and noise, they were taking 
 >> more of an interest in the technological possibilities of their 
 >> instruments than in actually thinking through the problems of making 
 > >music demographically generous.
 >>           -- PETER WATROUS
< Not being a fan of Fripp's music in general . . . 
< Let me just say that this reviewer sounds a like a total horse's ass.
< Next time the paper should send someone who isn't predisposed to dislike
 <this sort of music.

Peter Watrous aroused a good deal of ire among many when he wrote an 
in the NY Times a few years back which started as a review (scathingly
negative) of the latest electric Wayne Shorter record, "High Life", but 
content to stop there.  In essence, he went on to blame Miles Davis' 
post-In A
Silent Way direction for not only ruining jazz, but for corrupting a
generation of musicians (Herbie, Wayne, McLaughlin, Zawinul etc) that 
out and ruined music on a level Miles couldn't do himself.

On McLaughlin's cover story in Guitar Player a few years back, the 
read him the article.  McLaughlin at first became noticeably angry but then
fired back what I thought was a pretty level-headed, common-sense 
comeback.  I
belonged to a Miles Davis internet mailing list which Watrous joined.  I
copied the pertinent parts of the McLaughlin interview and sent them to the
list (without any editorializing on my part) and invited Watrous to post 
reactions and/or arguments to McLaughlin's rebuttal.  Not only did he not
respond, I believe he left the list.

Ken R