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a chat question..........

first-i would like to thank kim for hosting this site.........its a daily
second-thanks to all LD folk for all your ideas and most helpful info.
now here is the question:
at times, i go to a music chat room, 90% of the time it is, your in your 
very little to no exchange of ideas. on occasion, there have been times 
kindred spirits were present and it was most informative and very much fun.
i think it would be neat to have a little Loopers Delight pow-wow every now
and then and exchange thoughts and questions in real time.
is it possible to do this with our present level of computer maddness?? i 
no idea what-so-ever. 
perhaps there is no interest in this or perhaps it is impossible at the
present time or perhaps this is just another goofy idea of mine.....but i 
to throw it out there...........just gettin older and