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On Fri, 15 May 1998, Liebig, Steuart A. wrote:

> I just got the new Wayside Music Mail Order Catalog. In it they have a
> couple of Torn's CMP CDs as well as some by Trilok Gurtu (also Trey Gunn 
> Torn with Bozzio/Karn). 
> Pretty decent prices?
> Their website is 
> http://members.aol.com/Cuneiform2/cuneiform.html
> They have a fax number (301* 589-1819), but no regular telephone number
> listed.

*Shameless plug alert*

Wayside Music also distributes The Dark Aether Project CD at a very decent
price. Just remember, bulk orders save on shipping costs! 8)


       "...if one strives at hearing for the sake of constant virtue,
       out of seeking liberation from cyclic existence, gradually one 
                           becomes a Hearer."
                           - Chandrakirti

              T h e   D a r k   A e t h e r   P r o j e c t