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Re: EDP Feedback pedals...

At 5:54 AM -0400 5/16/98, future perfect wrote:
> I use MIDI to control the EDP's feedback level...a standard volume pedal 
>connected to the pedal input of a Ground Control, and the EDP is first in
>the MIDI chain to be controlled. Problem is, sometimes the feedback level 
>unpredictable, ie, it seems to not wait till the end of the loop to reduce
>in volume, and if I push the pedal up (off), the sound will stop, but 
>back in somewhere in the loop. Also, if I push the pedal off about 
>and let the loop slowly die out, then push it foward, so it continues to
>repeat indefinately at this new, lower volume, the volume of the loop 
>erractically-it doesn't stay at a steady volume.
>Does this sound like a midi, pedal, or user problem?
>Will I have more predictable results using the Feedback jack on the back?
>Also, on an unrelated note, once the loop dies out, i assume its gone
>forever, no way to trigger it again at its original volume? I guess I can
>always copy the original loop into another loop slot....
>Forgive me, my Plex is fairly new, Im still gettin used to it...


Part of your problem could be as Paul noted, just getting used to how
feedback works. It's a bit different from just controlling volume level,
and you might just need to practice it a bit to get the hang of it. It is a
live, real-time control, and where you use it in the loop will make a
difference. It's effect will be heard at the point in the loop where you
are moving it.

It also sounds to me as if there might be something more going on, and
things are acting a little erratic. If you decide it's not a problem with
your understanding of feedback, then my guess is that the midi controller
data to the echoplex is jumping around and mis-behaving. One possible
source of this could be a dirty pot in the pedal, causing the Ground
Control to sometimes misread it's position and send the wrong data. Or it
could be something funny with the Ground Control itself. (I don't know how
well it's continuous control pedal inputs work, some pedals are notoriously
bad and will tend to skip lots of values rather than send each number from
0-127.) Try using a different volume pedal (or cleaning it's pot), clean
the jack on the Ground Control, or try connecting the pedal directly to the
feedback pedal jack on the echoplex and see if that makes a difference.

As Andre noted, feedback is undo-able. If you have enough memory available,
you can use Undo to go backwards through the feedback reduction, which is a
cool effect.


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