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How to unsubscribe!

Well, we've (almost) all had a little chuckle at the
expense of a couple of frustrated people who don't
know how to get off this list.

Of course, idiocy and insanity are two possible reasons
somebody might be in that predicament, but there are
others too--some very unlikely, but some that are quite
plausible. Here are some things to ponder:

-- Some folks don't necessarily control what happens to
   their old email. They may be using their employer's
   computer, or maybe one belonging to a family member
   or friend.

-- Some folks have disk crashes, and it turns out they
   didn't actually have everything backed up!

-- Some folks might have been subscribed by somebody
   else for a variety of reasons.

-- Some folks may have multiple personalities, and there
   are others who will say this is not insanity.

-- Some folks may just be under a lot of stress.

-- Directing somebody to a web site is not always
   effective because some folks have access to email,
   but not to the web.

I see no reason to further punish these people no matter
what their story is. So, for anybody who cares and who
has read this far, here is how you unsubscribe (and I
quote from the message that was initially sent to me when

If you ever need to unsubscribe, send mail to:


with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject and the body.

That's all. Sorry for the non-looping content.

- Peter