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SV: extreme removal measures....

>. If anybody wants to start up an "unsubscribing" service, you've got
>our business. :-)

 People , people!!!  Can`t we all try and get along??? I remember the good 
old times
when there still was unanswered question about the looping machines. Now 
that everyone knows everything about every looping machine ever 
invented........well , as with other small societies , when the fears and 
everyday traumas are overcome by science boredom is soon to follow. And in 
its wake alcoholism and apathy.........Need I remind you of how the the 
toxic drink Absint almost ruined France a few centuries back.  As we all 
know , the world revolves around looping and its machinery. We hold the 
faith of nations in our hands and our responsibility is to great to 
quibble over details.

March on , brave soldiers , for the lands shall one day unite under the 
Conclave of the Three 
Monolithic Avengers 

All Hail Jamman ,Echoplex and Boomerang (in no particular order , of 

Yours , Thomas        "he who hopefully gets the last word in this silly