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Echoplex MIDI Question

This question is primarily directed to Kim, but I thought the info could be
useful to others so I'm posting the list.

I'm thinking of selling of a jam man and using the proceeds towards an
Echoplex. I currently control my Jam Men with my PMC-10. How easy is it to
control the Echoplex with MIDI commands? DO I sacrifice any of the power of
the instrument if I control via MIDI rather than the footswitch? Do I
access any of the instruments power via MIDI that I could not access with
the foot control( this is the case with the Jam man, primarily fades....)?

I just don't want to add anything else to the floor. Currently I have a
GR-1, a whammy II, the PMC-10, two volume pedals, one expression pedal, and
one momentary switch on the floor. At times I've had more.

Any experience with this is appreciated. BTW Fingerpaint's CD Primary
Colors: BLUE is now available for $10 post paid in the US. I'll post more
info as we get the web site updated with sound files, etc.....


 ***  ***    ** Fingerpaint http://www.his.com/~patrick/FNGP.html  ***  **