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Re: Echoplex availability

I have been suffering under the deluge of Loopers Delight mail, but
then your name popped up, and I thought I'd say hello. After a few
years in grad school in Seattle (doing a lot of 4 track tape looping
performances, too) I'm back in the Santa Cruz area teaching physics.
Still using and exploring the 4 track, but have been considering going
to the Echoplex. I am curious : does anyone still "tape" loop ? Do you
like the echoplex ? Did you get 2, to create stereo ? For you
personally, does it adequately replace the 4-track....there's new
capabilities, and then there's capabilities lost with the old system ?
 or maybe the main issue is lugging the four track around & cutting
loops ?
        I saw a show of the Ensemble in Santa Cruz last fall & enjoyed
Channels Passing live. We have 2 little boys now, so I couldn't hang
after the show.

All the best,     eric muhs

---"Paul J. Dresher" <PaulDresher@compuserve.com> wrote:
> Loopers:
> About six weeks ago I placed an order for an EDP at Thoroughbred
> (mail order), and it just arrived today, with pedal as well.  It was
a long
> wait but it finally came.  Don't know if this would help anyone
outside the
> US but they are one of the few mail order places that actually has
the unit
> in their catalogue.  Order via 1-800-8004654 (then you get the usual
> voice mail routing around, but be patient, you'll get to someone
> eventually).
> Paul Dresher 

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