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Look Ma, I'm looping (however primitive it is)

I had a fun looping experience last night with the previously mention
GSP 5 and my 4 second time machine.  I had the GSP 5 running into the
time machine with a four tap delay wreaking havoc on a little major
scale cluster of notes.  The time machine was set on the full four
seconds held it on infinite feedback when I started to realize it was
time to wrap up for the night.  I left it to play while I put my guitar
away and was about to disconnect the effects when I though "what if I
turn this around while its on hold and plug the time machine into the
gsp and the gsp into the amp".   An hour later and I was still twisting
knobs and changing patches.  The neat thing was that I could always get
back to the original held loop.  Tonight I'm going to try adding my
little Korg Pandora to the mix.