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Re:Compressor/Limiter on input of an EDP

At 8:36 AM -0700 5/26/98, Paul J. Dresher wrote:

>I'm not sure where this info is detailed, perhaps the FAQ area of the Web
>site but Kim makes clear somewhere that at least on the original units
>there was some sort of compression scheme which didn't work as well as
>expected, particularly in relationship to high frequency sounds, i.e the
>unit was much more prone to distort on these types of signals.  I'm told
>this has been rectified in the machines now in production, or at least
>somehthing in the gain stage as been improved.

The web site explains the change in the gain section if you want to do it
yourself. It's just two resistors, but it makes adjusting the gains much

If you are getting distortion with sounds that have lots of high
frequencies, you need to turn the input down. Sounds with a lot of high
frequencies tend to clip a little bit easier (tambourines and crash
cymbals, especially), so it's best to set your levels using those sounds in
the first place. When the level is set correctly, they do not distort. (I
use percussion sounds all the time with no trouble.)  On the older units,
the LED tends to trick you on this, because it turns red too late. Trust
your ears, not the LED.

New units have the gain change included, so there's no need to do anything
to those. They also have the LED circuit changed so that it turns orange
and red at lower levels, which seems to help people get it right. (those
people who only look at LED's, that is :-)

> I certainly have a problem
>like yours on my original old unit (hence the limiter).  However, I just
>got a new unit which is being operated from the house mix position by my
>engineer and when I told him never to let the input get red, he said that
>he had often been in the red and heard no distortion.  (Input was guitar
>and violin).  So maybe they've addressedt this question.

New units should be much easier to set correctly. Doing the mod from the
website FAQ will make old units equivalent to that.


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