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Re: Mpls Loop performance

>> The event will take place on Saturday, May 30th at the Frederick R.
>i'm sorry, what city/state is this???

     And who is it playing?
    In other Minneapolis loop news, Pamela Z is performing  at the Walker
art center at 10 p.m. friday, $4-8.
The blurb in the Tribune sez:

    "The problem with so many producers and muscicans who play with loops 
that they forget it's the space between sounds, and the kind of sounds 
layered together, that make it work-- it shouldn't just be cool-sounding
redundancy.  Pamela Z knows how to work the loops, unleashing a chorus of
chirping voices, triggering electronic samples or taking street sounds and
pairing it with her bel canto operatic vocalizations to create expansive 
innovative sound collages.  Using the white noise of our everyday (talking
ticket-taking booths) she weaves together dense, textured slices of 
sound that surprise and intrigue the listener.  She performs with the
Screaming Horns of Terror Funtime Orchestra."

Steve in Mpls.