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loopers' compilation website

        I think that the idea of having a web page with .MP3 or .RA files 
(or links to them) is a fantastic one.  I would be willing to hear ideas 
of how this could best be organized.  If a good idea comes up I would be 
happy to act as a sponsor and put a loop link page on my website.  I would 
suggest providing links to looper websites that have audio clips; for 
those loopers without websites, I could store their clips on my site for a 
cost of $1.00 (Canadian) per megabyte (which is what my provider charges 
me for disk space over the 10 Mb I get free).  I would also be happy to 
convert cassette or CD recordings into RealAudio files (as long as 
hundreds of people didn't send things in at once).
        Lets hear some ideas.