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RE: Echoplex memory mess... (???)

On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, Douglas Lawrence wrote:

> Some typical problems I saw ... when I hit overdub, the EDP would
> sporadically switch into multiply mode on it's own, then it would hang.
> Sometimes I couldn't get the EDP out of overdub without hitting the 
> several times. Sometimes the screen would turn into giberish after 
>letting a
> loop run for a few minutes.
Wow, that sounds exactly like the problem I had with my EDP before I
found a bad solder joint on the board. 
Interestingly the same problem has just reappeared, I think, due to
poor earthing on a new rack case + very warm dry air and a nylon
carpet in my living room. At first I thought the unit was overheating
(again) but just putting my hand on the case to feel the temperatue
was sufficient to trigger a reset, ditto contact with the rack rails.

All this makes me wonder if certain SIM devices are more prone to 
static discharge than others (?) 

Jim Carter