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Re: Percussion, drums anyone?

Sounds like you are looping acoustically, which is what I do. How do you
handle live situations, in particular how do you avoid signals from
feeding back into a loop from a monitor?

I remember reading a while back that you perform composed pieces. How
are you doing that with your EDP? Do you notate various loop actions as

Oh, and if you have time, tell me more about these:
- waterphone
- ocean drum
- batu-tu
- gopiyantra
- ting-sha


Dennis W. Leas wrote:
> Cummings wrote:
> >
> > How many of you are of the above persuasion? That is,
> > drum/percussion/loopism?
> I'm of that persuasion.
> >
> > can mention what equipment you're
> > using for starters and we'll take it from there.
> Equip: four or five SM-57 mics, Tascam 1024 mixer, two EDPs, one SPX-90,
> one Alesis M-EQ 230, pair of Klpsch KP-250s or KP-320s.  Sometimes a
> gate/compressor/limiter (Alesis or Behringer).
> Instr: marimba, glockenspiel, triangle, cymbal, gongs, singing bowls,
> claves, shakers, chimes, birdcalls, udu, didjeridus, waterphone, ocean
> drum, batu-tu, gopiyantra, ting-sha, cuica, bells, slit drums, etc.
> Hope to hear back from you, Roberto, and others.
> - Dennis LEas
> --
> dennis@mdbs.com