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Bass loopage

How many bass players are there out there kicking out the dope loops,

I just started playing bass with this dreampop band called Aerial Love
Feed (sounds kind of like Lush covering My Bloody Valentine songs with
Will Hegge on bass and Dave Grohl on drums.

Anyhow, anyone have any tips on keeping the sound on the loops clear?  I
would imagine my bass rig would make many cringe-  here it is:

'69 Fender Musicmaster bass

Trainor YB4 bass amp with the hole in the speaker big enough to fit two
fingers into

a rotating array of pedals including but not limited to
MXR microamp
Small Stone Phaser
Boss PS-3 pitchshifter/delay
Big Muff.

I'm worried the tone might get a little muddy.  Any thoughts?

Plus: when looping bass, how do you build your loops? Do you start with
a high rhythmic figure, with a shifting bassline underneath?  A solid
bassline loop and countermelody on top?


Would you like fries with that?