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Band Names

We Repeat - a looping ensemble

Y2K - band's only gig will be 12/31/99 - at the moment of 1/1, all
of the band's computer based equipment ceases to function.

Zeuhlhouse Rock:
A concept not yet realized: music from the ABC-TV Saturday morning
educational cartoons re-done and re-worked in true Magma/Zeuhl-style.
Includes chanting in an imaginary language, heavy drums and bass,
and intense instrumental interludes.

Casio Bob and the Target Twisters:
Four men in Devo suits play mic'ed (not direct out) casio Keyboards 
purchased for $90 at Target on clearance in a faux Kraftwerkian
display of 8-bit samples and robotic rhythm machines.

Donald Dork and the Pilots of Purple Twilight:
Faux T-dream with better keyboards, delays, and less talent.

Evil Breakfast:
Seemed like a good idea at the time

Tan Nuns:
Not used, but could be plausible

Sons of Nuns:
A really bad idea

e.e. Coli:
Well, it could happen but few would get the joke (get it? e.e. cummings
meets e.coli)

Aliensporebomb: my current project - just me and various machines and
loopers and guitars.

Cold Cranking Amps:
An actual Minneapolis band - great name

Dumpster Juice:
Another Minneapolis band - they sound like the name

Another Minneapolis band - power fusion

Eight Head:
Local super trio with Dean MacGraw, Marc Anderson (Steve Tibbets has
sat in on occasion), and Jim Anton - sadly now defunct I hear.

Thin Men: 
Cast-off name from a friend's band

The Panel: 
Another cast-off name from a friend's band