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Le Vestibule on PC: BLUE

To:             FNGP Records
                Patrick Smith

From:           Jean-Francois Fecteau
                radio show Le Vestibule

Mister Smith,

I would like to sincerely thank you for having sent me the album "Primary
Colors: Blue" from your band FingerPaint.  On this magnificent album you
were able to create impressive soundscapes, and each track establishes a
particular atmosphere and mood, wrapping the mind with multi-textured
sounds and effects and letting a flow of images come out of this musical
journey, like if every piece was telling a different story, and expressing
its own emotions.  I was really amaze by your work, and I can clearly state
that FingerPaint has found a niche among the best ambient artists.  You can
be assured that I will include your band on the playlists of my radio show
Le Vestibule, know that next week I will be sending you like every month my
playlists.  Once again thank you so very much for your precious
collaboration, it means alot to me.  So until I will hear from you again,
please take care.  Best regards.

Jean-Francois Fecteau
Le Vestibule
565 Lacerte
Quebec, Canada
G9A 3C1

E-Mail: isabelle_gelinas1@uqtr.uquebec.ca

Now Available:
                      FingerPaint Primary Colors: BLUE

            "can be edgy and intense as well as relaxing...." FAQT

Shockwave audio featuring our newest release Primary Colors:Blue