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Re: Midi footswitch for Echoplex

 BTW-PMC 10 with( keypad programmer) good condition $150 -- Music Warehouse
-Louisville Ky 502-456 -4730

>well, this is sort of old, sorry....(some of
>Personally, I use a Digitech PMC-10, which I think is one of the best midi
>pedals ever. Check out this page for more info on it:
>They are not in production anymore, sadly. I got mine used for $100, which
>was a great deal. The pedal does just about everything. Other good choices
>are the Rocktron AllAccess, which seems to be a great pedal but is a 
>expensive or the Roland FC-200(?), which is good except for the lame
>display. Check out the Echoplex footpedal tutorial for more details on 
>kind of midi pedal to get:
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