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OT: Re: Le Vestibule on PC: BLUE

Patrick Smith posted:

>Mister Smith,
>I would like to sincerely thank you for having sent me the album "Primary
>Colors: Blue" from your band FingerPaint.  On this magnificent album you
>were able to create impressive soundscapes <snip, blah blah>

     I humbly request a moritorium on the continuing posting of
of your "Primary Colors" product.   Lots of people on this list also have
available, and it doesn't seem fair to those who *don't* insist on trading
the goodwill 
of fellow listmembers with seemingly endless advertisements for recordings
and/or gigs.
A mention in a sig file seems sufficient.  Posting "reviews" of your 
product by 
"important publications" is just plain tacky at best and makes one wonder 
such a hard sell is necessary.

P.S.--  Does  Jean-Francois Fecteau know you posted his personal 
on a public list?

P.P.S. Sorry, this was meant to be a private post. 

   Putting on ape suit,