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Re: EDP memory problem

At 07:23 PM 11/6/98 -0800, Rik Myers wrote:
>Hi folks, I posted this a few daze ago and never saw it fly.The again, I
>haven't seen anything "Loopy" in the last few daze....hmmm Hello! Is there
>anybody out there?
>OK, so I recently bought an EDP that was posted in these very pages. It
>came with 4, 4 meg simms. I installed the simms, but instead of seeing
>"198" for Looptime, I saw "66.1". Sure enough, it looks like I have a
>little over a minute of record time. I pulled the mmemory and reinseted
>it..same result. The previous owner said it was unused memory.
your mail did show up here - maybe your mailer is bouncing looper's 
so i'm mailing this directly to you, and cc'ing the list.

kim replied with the obvious answer that your memory for one loop
is your total memory divided by your currently-set number-of-loops.  
so you probably have MoreLoops set to 3.  (when you power up, you only
see the amount of time for the 1st loop.  when you hit next loop, you
get another 66 seconds, etc).

hopefully the obvious is indeed your answer, otherwise you might be 
having more fundamental problems (like a bad simm or something).


john s cooper                     opcode systems, inc
http://www.planetz.com          http://www.opcode.com