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EDP Switch-quant function

        Thanks for the reminder on this (below - undo function).  I'm now
regularly using the EDP during weekly gigs and am very pleased with even my
basic use to solo over chord changes.   Btw, I'm having trouble learning to
record different loops on the fly, then switch them during performance (Ex.
Take Five - chorus then a bridge).  I'll look the switch-quant function
discussion up again and get back in touch if I still can't figure it out.
Thanks again...

>remember, the Undo function on the Echoplex can also undo a mistaken 
>press (in addition to undoing overdubs). So if you have a great loop 
>and you accidently press Record instead of Overdub, don't panic. Tap Undo
>and the wrong function will be stopped. You will be back where you were
>before. Well, actually you will be back where you would have been if you
>hadn't screwed up.